We must fight together for equality for all. 

This page is here to acknowledge the failures of myself, our society, and academia to support and elevate black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) in astronomy, and commit to doing the work to educate myself and my colleagues and to fight for change. I  pledge to devote time everyday to intentional and ongoing study of BIPOC history and injustice, and to engaging in meaning conversations and efforts to dismantle the racial hierarchy that pervades academia. I encourage others to join me in and hold me accountable to learning from the resources on this page and developing actionable change.

Books to read




The intersection of race and class for women in academia


Podcasts to listen to:

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listening to

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Things to watch:


       OSU Astronomy Department weekly webinar series showcasing underrepresented


       TEDxOSU talk by Jasmine Roberts

       TEDxOSU talk by Michelle Alexander

        John Oliver on police brutality and white supremacy

       Youtube video of Niel deGrasse Tyson

Community Resources


       An introduction to the privileges of being white

       A google doc guide to allyship in the black lives matter fight

       A guide aimed at women for how to make meaningful change  

        Do you know what this is? Are you aware white people tend to do this? No? Read!

Resources for Academia

        The AIP National Task force to Elevate African American Representation in

       Undergraduate Physics & Astronomy

       From The Association for Prevention Teaching and Research

       The Chronicle of Higher Education Article

       Including STEM and academic specific sites, organizations to support, blogs to read,

       people on twitter to learn from and amplify, and hashtags to follow

       A Multicontextual, Mixed Method Study of Student Academic Engagement in

       Introductory STEM Course

       An astrobites writeup of how we can support black astronomers

       2019 SXSW Talks

       Twitter post from Ashley Lindalía @That_Astro_Chic

       Forbes article, June 2nd 2020

       Physical Review Physics Education Research article, 2019

       National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, & Medicine conference proceedings, 2013

       Journal of College Student Development article, 2017

       Mission of data collection and transparency of demographics in universities


Groups to Support


Additional Resources

This page is a continuous work in progress ...

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