Research Programs & Grants

Total External Funding: $2,435,714

PI Awards: Total PI Funding: $2,360,349

2019  HST Program 15840

             The COS Legacy Archive Spectroscopic Survey (CLASSY):

             A UV Treasury of Star-Forming Galaxies

             135 new orbits + 177 archival orbits | $1,906,004 (pending)

             Chandra Program 21620471

             Did HMXBs Reionize the Universe?

             87 ks | $71,420

 2018  HST Program 15465

             Resolving Extreme High-Ionization UV Emission-Line Diagnostics in Preparation for JWST

             10 orbits | $54,369

2017  HST Program 15422

             Anchoring C/O With An Extremely Metal Deficient Galaxy

             3 orbits | $19,509

             HST Program 15126

             Resolving the Abundance Discrepancy with HST/COS

             13 orbits | $102,651

2016  HST Program 14628

             The Evolution of C/O in Low Metallicity Dwarf Galaxies

             20 orbits | $113,360

2015  HST Program 14093

             Stellar Populations and Physical Conditions at 100 pc Resolution in a Lensed Galaxy at z ∼ 4

             2 orbits | $7,625

             HST Program 13312

             The Evolution of C/O in Low Metallicity Dwarf Galaxies

             13 orbits | $85,411

co-PI Awards: Funding Managed by Berg: $75,364

2019  HST Program 15967, PI Chisholm

             Constraining the Stellar Astrophysics Powering Cosmic Reionization: Spectral Templates   

             of Extremely Low-Metallicity, Main-Sequence O-Stars 

             49 orbits | $29,818

             HST Program 15941, PI Schaerer

             UV Emission Line Spectra of z~0.3-0.4 Lyman Continuum Emitters as a Key Reference to              Uncover the Sources of Cosmic Reionization 

             42 orbits | $27,016

2017  NSF Program 1714204, 2017, PI: Skillman, Pogge

             Beyond O/H: Fundamental Astrophysics from HII Region Abundances

             Co-wrote grant providing funding for Berg's OSU postdoc salary


2016  HST Program 14681, PI: Aloisi

             Tracing Galactic Outflows to the Source: Spatially Resolved Feedback in M83 with COS

             40 orbits | $18,531

Additional Awarded Observing Programs:

PI Programs:

2018  XMM-Newton Program 84300

             Testing for X-ray Sources in Reionization-Era Galaxy Analogues

             122 ks

2017 NOAO LBT Program 2017B-0362

             Physical Conditions in a Very Metal-Poor Starburst Galaxy at z=1.85

             0.5 nights

2015  Gemini Program GN-2015B-Q-70

             Ultra Extreme Star-Forming Galaxies: A Window On Low-Z Star Formation at High Redshift

             5.2 hours

co-I Programs:

2019  NASA Keck Program 52/2019B_N107, PI Chisholm

             Spatially Mapping How Photons Escape Neutral Gas with Mg II Emission

             2x0.5 nights KCWI

             HST Program 15865, PI Henry

             MgII Emission: A New Tracer for Lyman Alpha and Lyman Continuum

             19 orbits

             HST Program 19896, PI Brunker

             Escaping Ionizing Radiation in Star-Forming Galaxies: Probing Higher-Mass Systems

          27 orbits

             ESO VLT Program 104.B-0266(A), PI Maseda

             Through the Magnifying Glass: A Unique View of the Low-Metallicity ISM at High Redshift 

            2 MUSE hours

2018  ALMA Program 2018.1.00172.S, PI da Cuhna 

             Through the Magnifying Glass: A Unique View of the Low-Metallicity ISM at High Redshift

            1.1 hours

2017  HST Program 15423, PI McQuinn

             The Leoncino Dwarf: The Lowest Metallicity Star-Forming Galaxy in the Nearby Universe

            12 orbits 

2016   HST Program 14632, PI Erb

             Lyman-alpha Imaging at ∼20 pc Resolution in a Low Mass Lensed Galaxy at z = 1.85 

             7 orbits 

2014   HST Program 13804, PI McQuinn

             Important Nearby Galaxies without Accurate Distances

             14 orbits 

2013   HST Program 13376, PI McQuinn 

             The Star Formation History of Leo P 

             17 orbits