Onsite Observational Astronomy

Summary  600+ hour of ground-based rest-frame optical+IR observing experience 

Trained 10+ students on ground-based observing 

The below observing experience was obtained through a collaboration queue or awarded time through institutional access.

  2010-     Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) | 400+ hours

    2019     Optical+IR spectroscopy and photometry for a large range of science programs

through the OSU-Research Corporation (RC) queue using the Large Binocular Cameras (LBCs), Multi-Object Double Spectrograph (MODs), and LUCI (a pair of   infrared multi-mode instruments). 

  2010-     MMT (formerly the Multi-Mirror Telescope) | 200+ hours

    2019     Optical spectroscopy using the Blue Channel Spectrograph

    2015     Keck Telescope | 8 hours

Optical spectroscopy using the Low Resolution Imaging Spectrograph (LRIS)

     2011     Palomar Hale Telescope | 60+ hours      

Optical spectroscopy using the Double Spectrograph