Student Mentoring

Graduate Students:

Grace Olivier | PhD student in Astronomy | The Ohio State University

Advisor 2019-Present

  • Advisor of PhD 2nd year project 

  • Funded by Berg’s HST program 15465 grant 

  • Presenter in 2019 Cloudy Workshop

  • Principal advisor of student-led paper: Olivier, G.,Berg, D.A.,et al. 2019, in prep.

Noah Rogers | PhD student in Astronomy | University of Minnesota

Co-advisor 2019-Present

  • Co-advisor of PhD thesis

  • Co-advisor of student-led paper: Rogers, N., Berg, D.A., et al. 2019, in prep.

Undergraduate Students:     

Jacqueline Appel | Astronomy Major | The Ohio State University

 Advisor 2019-Present      

  • Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURP) advisor

  • Senior thesis co-advisor

  • 2020 AAS research poster, submitted

  • Berg, D.A., Appel, J., et al. 2019, in prep.

Ness Mayker | Astronomy Major | The Ohio State University

Co-advisor 2018-present

  • Current astronomy PhD student at The Ohio State University 

  • Awarded 1st year graduate student fellowship 

  • Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURP) co-advisor

  • Undergraduate honors senior thesis co-advisor 

  • Undergraduate honors senior thesis committee member

  • Presented 2019 AAS research poster #260.08

  • Presented poster at the 2019 Denman Undergraduate Research Forum

  • Awarded 2nd place in Science: Statistics and Modeling Poster Competition

  • Principal advisor of student-led paper: Mayker, N.E., Berg, D.A., et al. 2019, in prep.

Mara Johnson-Groh | Astronomy Major | Gustavus Adolphus College

Advisor 2013-2014         

  • Senior thesis advisor: Calibrating the CHAOS Line-Fitting Pipeline

  • Co-author of Berg, D.A., Johnson-Groh, M., et al., 2015,ApJ, 806, 16  

  • Received M.S. Astronomy from University of Victoria | advisor: Sara Ellison

Shawn Dobberstein | University of Minnesota

Co-advisor 2009

  • Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) co-advisor: 

        Identifying and Ranking HII Regions in M51

Teaching Experience

2013-2014 · Gustavus Adolphus College | Visiting Physics Faculty

Gustavus Adolphus College is a small liberal arts college heavily focused on teaching and student mentoring. Responsibilities included teaching 12-14 lecture hours/week, developing a science critical thinking course, developing an astronomy project course for majors, and student mentoring, including advising a senior research project. Courses taught:

  • General Physics I (PHY-120) – combined calculus and non-calculus based introductory physics for non-physics majors (70+ students)

  • General Physics II (PHY-170) – combined calculus and non-calculus based introductory physics for non-physics majors (70+ students)

  • Mechanics (PHY-300) – differential-equations based mechanics for physics majors 

  • Astrophysics (PHY-320) – project-based astronomy course for physics majors; developed archival and observing projects using departments 12” Celestron telescopes

  • Adventures in Pseudoscience and Skepticism (NDL-107) – designed, from scratch, an evidence-based critical-thinking January term course with 3 hours of lecture/day


2014 · University of Wisconsin Milwaukee | Guest Lecturer

  • Survey of Astronomy (ASTRON-103; course lead: Dawn Erb)               


2012-2013 · University of Minnesota | Guest Lecturer

  • Introduction to Astronomy (AST-1001; course lead: Evan Skillman)


2011 · Gustavus Adolphus College | Visiting Instructor

  • Astronomy of the Southern Skies – traveling January term course to Australia and New Zealand including daily lectures, observing labs, and guided observing at Mt John Observatory, New Zealand and the Parkes Radio Telescope, Australia


2008-2009 · University of Minnesota | Lab Instructor

  • Course lead for 3 sections per semester of Introduction to Astronomy lab


2006-2008 · Gustavus Adolphus College | Teaching Assistant

  • Tutor and grader for undergraduate physics and astronomy courses