Academic Appointments

Research Interests & Expertise:

Bridging the local and high-redshift universe through chemical and stellar evolution of star-forming dwarf and spiral galaxies, using rest-frame X-ray, UV, optical, and IR spectra. Observations probe the feedback between ionizing stellar populations and their surroundings by measuring the properties of metal-poor massive stars, high-mass X-ray binaries, resonantly scattered emission, galactic-scale feedback, interstellar medium absorption, and nebular emission.


Postdoctoral Research Associate · The Ohio State University

     Comparing the nebular chemical abundances to stellar blue super giant abundances to resolve the so-called abundance discrepancy problem.


Postdoctoral Research Associate · University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

     Studying the formation and evolution of galaxies in the early universe, with particular focus on the kinematics and chemical evolution of galaxies at high redshift, including lensed galaxies.


Visiting Professor of Physics · Gustavus Adolphus College

     Taught 12-14 lectures hrs/week: calculus and non-calculus based General Physics I (PHY-120) & II (PHY-170), Mechanics (PHY-300), Astrophysics (PHY-320), and Adventures in Pseudoscience and Skepticism (NDL-107).